Tuesday, October 17, 2006

Innovation Immersion

Today and tomorrow (10-17 and 18) I'll be attending the Innovation Immersion conference in San Diego. This is an annual conference run by Joyce Wycoff and the IIR.

Joyce is not with us due to an illness in her family. Joyce if you are reading this everyone sends best wishes for a speedy recovery.

I'll be checking in periodically and giving updates on the speakers and the interesting topics being covered. What's interesting so far is that there's been a real emphasis on story telling as a means to communicate your mission, and some more work on ethnography and its impact on innovation. Ethnography is definitely getting a lot of airtime at innovation conferences, so its something I'll have to learn more about and provide an overview later.

We've got a packed day today with some great speakers from consulting and from industry, so I will try to check in and give some updates during the day.
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posted by Jeffrey Phillips at 7:25 AM


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