Tuesday, May 09, 2006

Trends Identification and Management

After working in the area of innovation and idea management for a while, one consistent theme I hear from the individuals and teams I work with is that they lack the skills and tools to consistently evaluate the trends in their environment and make sense of those trends.

These trends could be social, economic, demographic, technical or other trends, or combinations of these types of trends. Trends can indicate where a market or technology is heading, and anticipating trends and getting ahead of them can be very beneficial for innovation and product development.

To that end, my firm (OVO) is building a trend management application and is seeking teams that would be willing to try out a web-based trend capture and management software application. Rather than explain exactly how the pilot would work and how the software works here, if you'll contact (me), I'll send you a short synopsis and let you decide if the pilot is right for you.

We seek firms that are interested in improving the capture, management and evaluation of trends in their market. The primary users are probably product managers, directors of product development or strategy, and senior managers interested in understanding what trends will effect their industry. The application we've built is a simple, but powerful concept to help capture trends, data, ideas and other information and synthesize it to make sense of the information.

There's no cost to you to work with the pilot application, but we do ask that you provide us with your feedback as you work with the application. Does an application like this meet your needs? What can we do to make it even more powerful? Is it easy to use, with a very short learning curve? Recognize that as a pilot application, it will be incomplete and rough around the edges.

This is your chance to influence a great new software application and try out some software concepts before they are finalized. Feel free to contact
if you have questions or would just like more information about the pilot.
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posted by Jeffrey Phillips at 6:07 AM


Anonymous Jack Hipple said...

Are yopu aware of the TRIZ problem solving and evolutionary trend predicting methodology? I don't see mention of it. This is an innovation and forecasting process, originating in the fomer Soviet Union, that has digested all the inventive principles used in problem solving and technological forecasting into a simple, learnable tool kit. The TRIZ Lines and Patterns of Evolution do what you are describing. Workshops on this have been given at previous Innovation Network conferences as well as the World Future Society. Used by several large US and European firms for strategic planning as well as IP work.

9:47 AM  
Anonymous jameskindley@yahoo.com said...

I am doing work for a company that would be interested in trying your trend capture tool. Please send info.

6:13 AM  
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