Tuesday, December 28, 2021

Exploring the Executive Innovation Workmat with Video discussions

 Over the last few weeks, Paul Hobcraft and I have developed a series of short videos.  The purpose of these videos is to explore a tool that Paul and I created, which we call the Executive Innovation Workmat.  The Workmat is meant to help executives understand their role in innovation activities, and to identify the key attributes of a business that must be aligned and in synch for innovation to flourish.

You've perhaps read some of the material we developed originally about the Workmat.  You can see the Executive Innovation Workmat graphic just to the right.

Each of these sections represents a factor that needs to be understood and developed for innovation to thrive.  To build a really successful innovation capacity, all of these components must be fully developed and working together.


In the videos we've created, we explore why each factor is important to innovation.

Strategy - we discuss the relationship between corporate strategy and innovation.

Governance - we examine how to govern an innovation project, and why this work requires different governance models from other projects.

Function/Structure/Design - we examine the way innovation should "work" - design and processes - and why it is vital to focus on an innovation capacity.

Common Language/Communication - we look at the importance of having common definitions, common language and regularly communicating about innovation.

I think the videos allow us to explore each of these, and I think you'll find them helpful if you are starting to build an innovation capacity, or trying to improve your innovation activities or outcomes.

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posted by Jeffrey Phillips at 7:56 AM


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