Monday, July 13, 2015

What's really happening with innovation day to day?

I've seen a number of surveys from many of the leading suspects, all of which tell us a lot about what executives think about innovation.  Mostly, they are for it, and think there is much more work to be done.  My experience with most large organizations is that executives are so busy with so many different priorities that they often think that more is happening, on all of their priorities, than is actually happening.  I suspect this is no different when it comes to innovation.

So to you, dear readers, I ask for your help.  We are interested in what's actually happening in innovation, day to day, across corporations large and small.  What are you getting done?  What's blocking or enabling innovation?  Do you have a definition of innovation?  What are your main objectives or goals where innovation is concerned?  If you'll take about 10 minutes to respond to this survey, we'll compile the data and feed it back to you. 

What we are seeking is the actual state of innovation, both the positives and the not so positives.  What are you doing with innovation?  What do you hope to do?  Does it differ by size of company or by industry?  Please respond to this survey, which is only 25 questions, and we'll publish the results by mid-August.

Why would you want to respond?  Well, first to see how similar your experience is to others who are attempting to innovate.  Second, to understand the alignment between what executives say and what actually gets done.  Third, to understand how demands for innovation may increase in the near future and what that means for you.

Here's one more link to the survey.  I hope you will respond, and we promise to provide the results back to you.
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