Monday, April 15, 2013

Innovate Carolina Recap

We had an interesting and exciting day last Friday, April 12, in Greensboro.  Innovate Carolina is normally a conference to discover what other innovators have done.  It became, in fact, an example of what true innovators can do.

During the initial keynote speech by Chris Trimble, a campus police officer entered the building and requested that we all exit immediately.  The police had been notified that a man had been seen on campus with a gun.  We were quickly shuttled to another building, and then onward to wait out the investigation under the stands of the football stadium.  While I am happy to report the report of a man with a gun was eventually found to be false, especially in the light of a school shooting in Virginia and the Boston Marathon bombs, we found a way to be innovative while waiting for a resolution.

Innovate Carolina April 12, 2013  Impromptu Breakout session under the stadium during a campus lockdown

Here's Jeff Grant presenting to a "breakout" under the stands.  Hats off to Jeff, to Scott Edgett and to the guys from Edison Nation Medical for their impromptu presentations in trying circumstances.

Once the all clear sounded we were able to move back into the auditorium and fortunately, everyone was able to speak, although we did have to shorten many of the presentations.  The folks at NC A&T, who were our hosts, were gracious and exceptionally helpful.

Our thanks go out to the following speakers, who did a lot under exceptionally trying circumstances:

These folks deserve your time and attention for the excellent work they did at our conference.

While we will remember this conference as the one that was interrupted, the speakers and the messages were exceptional.  We look forward to next year!
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