Sunday, October 17, 2010

Worldwide Innovation

I'm in Kuala Lumpur leading a training workshop for innovators.  A few weeks ago I led a similar workshop for teams in the UK.  What I've learned is that every innovator in every region seems to face the same problems.

One of the first questions today was about the challenge of staffing an innovation team.  Should the firm identify a small, full time team or rely on "part time" innovators?  And, if they used part-time innovators, how should they keep them focused on innovation and minimize the distraction from their day job?  This question was right out of the playbook of most of my US clients.

Another question dealt with management commitment.  Sure, the person said, my executives talk about and expect us to innovate, but don't support innovation with their efforts and goals.  They emphasize short term profits.  Again, a complaint we hear consistently in our US and European based clientele.

It would appear that no matter where you are in the world, many of the challenges you face as an innovator are the same.  With that in mind, there's less reason to accept rejection, since the questions and decision rationale you are receiving is exactly the same as innovators in the UK, Germany, Dubai and Kuala Lumpur.

More on this as the day progresses...
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posted by Jeffrey Phillips at 10:44 PM


Blogger My black dog book said...

Hi Jeff, thank u for coming.... I am learning a lot and looking forward for tomorrow's session. Things I am eager to know would be the idea evaluation and culture topics.

Good to know that we are not alone with the challenges that we face in implementing innovation in our organizations.

See u tomorrow.


6:14 AM  
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