Thursday, July 23, 2009

What can we do with Tags?

A good friend, Stewart McKie, has introduced me to "tagging" and I'm interested in exploring this further. You can see some of what Stewart is working on at, and I'm embedding a tag I created for my book Make us more Innovative inline above. If you have the appropriate readers it will take you to a website that features my book.

What I'm interested in are your thoughts - what can we do to innovate using these kinds of tags? For example, I could see placing a tag on a business card or marketing collateral, so a user could quickly link to content online. Or, I could see placing a tag on printed materials (newspapers, magazines) so you can learn more or go to specific purchase sites to buy what you've seen.

With an appropriately managed "back end" people with chronic illnesses could wear tags or even have tattos that would be readable by any cell phone so that individuals could offer assistance.

The real benefit of these tags seems to be linking detailed information using mobile devices very quickly and easily. It's effective especially since I don't have to recall a specific company name or web address. Just point and shoot.

What ideas do you have about using tags in an innovation context? What existing products or services could we disrupt using this technology?
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posted by Jeffrey Phillips at 8:30 AM


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