Monday, May 05, 2008

Six Secrets of Business Model Innovation

I've had the opportunity to interact with the folks at Peer Insight for several years. They are without a doubt a leader in the concepts and approach for service innovation. Recently I had the chance to review a new presentation they've made available on their website. If you visit, click on the link on the left hand margin about the Six Secrets of Business Model Exploration.

What the team at Peer Insight have kindly done for you is to create a "field guide" or methodology for thinking about innovating around services. What's nice about this is that the guide applies well to just about any firm interested in innovating from a services perspective, so firms that are purely services oriented (banking, health care, hospitality) can use the guide, as well as firms that provide products as well as services.

As most of us will readily admit, innovators are great synthesizers, so while there may not be a lot of "new thinking" in the document, there's a great rationale and approach for you to consider if you are just starting to consider innovation as a key capability, or are already underway. Each of the Six Secrets is documented and in most cases several tools or approaches are provided. The key is that while your firm may have addressed one or more of these "Secrets", it's unusual to find a firm that has deep knowledge and competency in all six.

Another thing to know about innovators is that they are more than willing to steal (politically correct word is "borrow") from others who have good methodologies or models. I'll be considering how we at OVO can use what Peer Insight has generously provided as a field guide when we work with our clients. I'd suggest you take a look and see what insights the field guide and the folks at Peer Insight can provide for you.
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