Friday, March 07, 2008

Make us more Innovative

I'm proud to announce that my new book Make us more Innovative is being launched today. Based on several years of innovation consulting, Make us more Innovative was written the the innovation manager or chief innovation officer in mind. Frequently this individual has been given the requirement to "make their firm more innovative" and they need a guidebook or roadmap to help accomplish that task.

Make us more Innovative is a practical, logical methodology to building a sustainable, repeatable innovation capability in any business. It includes:

  • A self-assessment to evaluate your firm and determine its readiness for innovation
  • A sequence of chapters to align the initiative or innovation program to strategic goals and obtain management buy-in
  • A rationale for a defined innovation process
  • Several chapters focused on roles, responsibilities that are tightly aligned to innovation, and a look at importance of a culture of innovation
  • A quick examination of innovation metrics
  • A review of the importance and timing of idea management systems
  • Chapters on open innovation and innovation portfolios to review once the innovation capability is mature
This book has relevance for a firm just starting a consistent innovation program or a firm that has enjoyed some success but wants to take its focus further.

I'm fortunate that a number of well-respected innovators, consultants and authors reviewed Make us more Innovative and provided their feedback. Here's what some of them had to say:
  • Roger von Oech :

    "Make Us More Innovative is a valuable tool for any business hoping to understand and create a culture of innovation. Phillips does a good job of laying out all the steps that will help you make your innovation initiative a reality."

  • Stan Gryskiewicz:

    Make us more innovative is a process road map for successful innovation. Each step offers the innovation traveler comfort along the way. Your Mission: Use It.

  • Keith Sawyer:

    Jeffrey Phillips is right on the mark when he advises that companies must weave innovation throughout their organization, and innovation must be an integral part of day to day operations. This is a practical book for working managers, with twelve concrete steps that managers can take to transform their organizations into innovative firms.

  • Jeneanne Rae:

    For those seriously interested in building a systemic innovation capability, Jeffrey Phillips takes the reader on a realistic tour of what is required for success. ‘Make Us More Innovative’ provides a detailed blueprint to guide development of critical pieces in the puzzle.”

If you are interested in purchasing Make us more Innovative, you can find it at Amazon, Barnes&Noble and iUniverse online.

If you are interested in learning more about Make us more Innovative, see the book website at
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Used. Case is a bit worn but contents in good condition.

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