Tuesday, September 11, 2007

PDMA 2007 Innovation Event

For those of you who want to mix and mingle with an innovative crowd, there are a number of opportunities coming up this fall. One you should definitely check out is the PDMA 2007 Innovation event. Each year PDMA sponsors at least two large events, the Front End Conference and the PDMA fall innovation event.

This year the PDMA has a very interesting program on innovation. Just a look at the website for the event will tell you that the folks at the PDMA believe innovation is changing the way we think about business. This event is one of several where we at OVO will be in attendance, either as a sponsor, a facilitator or as an exhibitor.

Now, if the concept of an interesting innovation event is not enough to grab your attention, then maybe the fact that the conference will be in Orlando, on Disney premises, will tip the scales in favor of your attendance? I hope you'll consider coming to the PDMA Innovation Connection event September 30 - October 2nd in Orlando.
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posted by Jeffrey Phillips at 1:41 PM


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